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Let’s Review Your Credit Without Affecting Your Score!

Get The Scoop on Your Credit Score

A soft pull in credit refers to a type of credit inquiry that does not affect the borrower’s credit score. It is also known as a “soft inquiry” or “soft credit check.” Soft pulls are often done by lenders or credit card companies to pre-approve potential borrowers for credit products or to monitor their existing accounts.

What are Trigger Leads, and how do you avoid them?

Once you authorize a lender to pull your credit, the Bureaus almost immediately sell your data to lenders that are willing to buy. Not just one, dozens. Your phone will go CRAZY with calls from all over the country. You can avoid this by opting out on the link below. You can also read a little more as to how the FCC is handling this issue at hand.

is the official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry website to accept and process requests from consumers to Opt-In or Opt-Out of firm offers of credit or insurance.

Prescreened Credit and Insurance Offers

Companies sometimes try to get new customers by sending “prescreened” offers. Find out how prescreening works and what happens when you opt out.

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